The history of the tavern

Scritta "La nostra storia"

Since 1900, Il Cannone has been a reference point for Bolognese cuisine. Today, with the experience and taste of Federico and Mehran, we carry on the tradition of this historic place.


An intimate setting that has welcomed people and listened to many different stories for over a century. And now, it’s waiting to hear yours.

The history of Osteria Il Cannone began in 1900 when the then Osteria Del Voltone was a gathering point for the cart drivers who traveled from Via della Crocetta and headed towards Via Duca d’Aosta.

In the following years, the kitchen was added, and in 1923, Mr. Bartolini, known as “Cannone” (italian word for “Cannon”) due to his not-so-small size, bought the place from his aunt, who handed over the business due to health issues.

For over a century, this tavern has been a symbol of Bolognese tradition, and since 2012, Il Cannone has officially become a part of the Historical Venues of Italy.

If you’re in Bologna, you simply must try it!

Foto del signor Bartolini, detto "Cannone"


Vitello Tonnato

“I don’t usually review pubs or restaurants, but this tavern deserves some extra attention. A warm and welcoming ambiance, courteous and attentive staff without being intrusive. Notable cuisine with quality, presentation, and flavor balance. You can sense the passion put into the dishes. Nothing to fault. Excellent!”

– ElisaC | Bologna, Italia –

Vitello Tonnato


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We look forward to letting you taste our cuisine and wines in the historical charm of a 1900s tavern.


Lunch: 11:30 AM – 2:45 PM
Dinner: 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Targa "Locali storici d'Italia"
Vista dell'interno dell'osteria
Serranda e insegna dell'osteria
Vista dell'interno dell'osteria
Certificato di appartenenza ai Locali Storici d'Italia rilasciato nel 2012
Vista dell'interno dell'osteria